When using VPN gate, I am getting an error 2 message when

Sep 25, 2015 Cannot connect to a VPN server - authentication failed I had this problem so I'll go ahead and tell you what it was for me. My password (given to us by our host had a $ in it). I was copy-pasting the password from an rdp shell script that had escaped the $ with a \.I was mentally forgetting the reason for \ and thinking it was literal. I spent hours working on authentication when in reality, I need only remove the back-slash escaping of the dollar Windows 10 IPsec IKEv2 connection with standard Microsoft When you setup the User, the Password that matters for the VPN Connection is the word at the bottom of the page: IPsec Pre-Shared Key The password on the user setup pages on PfSense User Manager/Edit is to logon to the console, not for make the VPN connection. Solved: AnyConnect VPN client version 2.5.0217- - Cisco I saw in another forum that if a wifi hotspot is enabled on a windows 7 PC, then cisco VPN will not connect. I disabled wifi hotspot and this did not help either. I finally got my VPN working by doing the following: Go to Network and sharing centre -> Change adapter settings. Right click on each connection and click on properties.

I installed latest version of (SoftEther VPN client + VPN gate plugin). I have win 10. when I want to connect with TCP mode immediately error code 2 appears. "Error

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