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Thunderbird: ‘Connection to server timed out’ error How to prevent timeout errors in Thunderbird. 1. In Windows, open Thunderbird and go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor. 1. In Mac, go to Thunderbird-> Preferences-> Advanced-> General-> Config editor… Click to confirm “I accept the risk!” 2. In the search field, type in mailnews.tcptimeout. 3. SMTP settings for use with Thunderbird? - Time Warner Cable To help me sort out an occasional SMTP time out problem, I need help filling in these SMTP settings for use with Thunderbird email: 1: Server name. I assume is still correct? (I come from the old twc branch of Spectrum) 2: Port. I assume 587 is still correct? 3: Connection security

Mar 13, 2020

Download and install Thunderbird. You can download Thunderbird from the program's official … Setting Up Mozilla Thunderbird - Spectrum Inc SMTP server: If the field is not available, Mozilla Thunderbird will use the default outgoing server. User Names Window 1. Enter your email address in the Incoming User Name box. Please note that your user name is your entire email address (e.g., 2. Enter the same email address in the Outgoing User Name

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Java program to connect via SMTP host - / even with GSuite account times out. I did ping both the hosts and it times out too. I try to connect via SSL on port 465. Thunderbird Sending of Message Failed SMTP Timed Out Error Check the settings for SMTP Server and its assigned port. Figure out whether the Antivirus or Windows firewall is blocking the Thunderbird working by disabling them. Update the Thunderbird application to the latest version. Download Wireshark tool to check the network traffic when Thunderbird is trying to send the outgoing message. Modifica "Timeout Connessione" in Thunderbird