Why do some banks not allow me to log on through a secure VPN?

/var/log/openvpnas.node.log (in case of a failover setup) In the event that you are having problems with starting the Access Server or certain portions of it, for example the web services, then it may be useful to stop the Access Server service, move the log file aside, then start the Access Server service, and stop it again immediately. VPN Logging Policies Reveal Only 3 out of 101 Providers Furthermore, Astrill VPN also logs last 20 connection records such as connection time, connection duration, country, device type, and Astrill client application version number. However, they claim that this information is only used by the customer support team and automatically removed in case of no activity is performed in the past 30 days . What Information do VPN's Really Log? | VPN University

VPN Logging Policies Reveal Only 3 out of 101 Providers

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Solved: Monitoring VPN connection attempts - Cisco Community Re: Monitoring VPN connection attempts You can configure the ASA to send syslog messages when the user connects and disconnects. There are a few kinds of " remote access " VPN like IPsec, webvpn/clientless, anyconnect/ssl vpn client that you can track. VPN Log Files Windows - Super User One can configure Windows firewall to log VPN connections but that is not a default. Check Control Panel > Windows Firewall > [Advanced tab], the default location is C:\WINDOWS\pfirewall.log for the log file. Specific applications used may have preserved log data. VPN Connection Logging — WatchGuard Community