Required intermediate certificates need to be send by the server to make it possible to build a certificate chain that ends in a root certificate. Read this answer in context 👍 5 All Replies (17)

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Depending on your Active Directory topology, distribution of the certificate may take a while. You can verify the certificate status using the Test-FederationTrustCertificate cmdlet in the Shell. After you verify the certificate's distribution status, you can configure the trust to use the new certificate.

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Please verify if the account settings are correct in Outlook. Also, open Internet Explore >Tools > Internet options > Content tab > Click Clear SSL State > Then click on OK on the window that pops up to check if this helps.

Note: Please wait a few minutes, and try doing whatever it was that you were doing again. Jul 13, 2008 · It returns "Unable to Verify Certificate" "While automatically discovering account settings, the certificate from "" could not be verified." When if click accept, the server field shows up, I enter my companies OWA web address, "" I get "Verifying Exchange account information", followed by verification failed. ERROR: cannot verify's certificate, issued by `/C=ZA/O=Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd./CN=Thawte SGC CA': Unable to locally verify the issuer's authority. To connect to insecurely, use `--no-check-certificate'. Remember that openssl historically and by default does not check the server name in the cert. 1.1.0 has new options -verify_name and -verify_hostname that do so. These are described on the man page for verify and referenced on that for s_client. Solved: Hi everyone! I'm looking for a way to open our VPN with Pulse Secure client: Pulse Version: 5.3R4.2(639) in Lubuntu 16.04.5 Our current VPN