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How can I receive a refund for my order? – cleverbridge Requesting a refund is easy. Simply submit a ticket to our Customer Support team and let us know:. Your cleverbridge reference number; The reason you’d like a refund; We’ll review your request and let you know the result within 2 business days at the most. Cleverbridge - How To Cancel Cleverbridge offers payment systems and customer service to merchants and vendors that sell products and services in a digital world. If you see CleverBridge or “CBI” on your credit card statement, chances are the purchase you’re seeing was made online in some capacity.

Du kannst anhand Deiner Daten und der Referenznummer bei der Abbuchung über PayPal von Cleverbridge überprüfen lassen, an welche E-Mail Adresse und durch welchen Auftrag die Kontobelastung bei Dir durchgeführt wurde.

Contact Customer Support. Sales Team. How can we help you reach your online sales goals? Connect with our experts to take your business to the next level. Get started with cleverbridge. Client Experience. Have questions about using our platform? Current clients can contact us here. Email Client Experience. cleverbridge Help & Support

Jan 27, 2016

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